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The Thirsty Knights are a group of Five friends that have met every Thursday night for the past 27 years! We have played any number of campaigns, systems (including all editions of D&D) and settings. We play board, card roleplaying games and are regular attenders of UK Boardgame expo – you will normally find us in the bar!

This current campaign has been underway for about a year (see the story so far) and is set within the Nentir Vale…… at the moment!!!

The Knights are:

Trigion – (Sir Animal) A Shardmind Wizard (with an unhealthy attraction to fire)

Ander – (Sir Nick) A Halfling Sorceror (with an unhealthy attraction to lightning)

Rodmennar – (Sir Lard) A Wilden Battlemind (who struggles with his powers)

Mercalot – (Squire Phil) A Longtooth Shifter Paladin of Kord (who keep getting frindly fire)

DM – (Sir Keith) D&D fanatic who will buy a used nappy if there is a D&D logo!!

Infernal Eternium