Infernal Eternium

The Story so Far....

The group met as they tried to scrape a living on the edges of civilisation in the Nentir Vale. They were hired to guard a warehouse and managed to beat off an attack by masked raiders. These same riders attacked the group as they escorted their caravan paymasters enroute to Hammerfell.

In Hammerfell, the group soon made themselves invaluable to the town leaders. They performed a number of tasks and completed a number of quests which helped to cement their reputation and finally gave them a sense of belonging. However each quest seemed to have a diabolic influence with the group fighting Duegar, Devils and Demons. During this time Aeolus (a Deva Invoker) fell in battle and was replaced by Ander (a halfling sorceror) who was rescued from a Duegar dungeon.

In the last adventure, gnolls were thwarted from bringing their demonic gods influence into the Crystal Mountains. During a titanic battle with a deranged dragon, the Drow rogue fell. However by the end, the remaining party were victorious with two strange additions to the party.

One was a Dire Wolf that seemed highly intelligent and happy to aid the party

The second was a playing card that gave strong waves of chaotic corruption and offered a strange power to the holder. What was going on………..



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