Infernal Eternium

Into the Abbey Wood

Mercalot – Shifter Paladin – Squire Phil

Rodamar – Wilden Battlemind – Sir Steve

Trigon – Shardmind Mage – Sir Animal

Ander – Halfling Sorceror – Sir Nick

The party continued their long journey to Winterhaven to find out more about the card they had found. After a visit to Fallcrest where they were able to investigate and train some of their skills (up to level 7), they rode along the King’s road.

About two days from journey end, the party came across a caravan under attack from an Orc ambush. With the usual bravado they charged to the rescue, with Mercalot challenging the obvious leader of the ambushers. It was a bloody fight, with the guards trying valiantly to defend the caravan against overwhelming odds. The arrival of the party swung the balance decidedly in their favour and soon orc bodies were strewn across the road. However two orcs managed to run away, would this cause future problems?

Escorting the caravan into Winterhaven allowed the party easy access and the trust of the town guards. They were shown to the tower of the sage,Valthrun the Prescient, who invited them in once he was made aware of their quest. He gave them more information of Guardmore Abbey and recommended they made their intentions clear to Lord Padraig. They then visited the manor house where the Lord gave them a quest to investigate the orc infestation of the Abbey ruins. Back in the inn they met Sir Oakley, an old paladin of Bahamut, who claimed to be descended from the lords of Guardmore. He wants to clear the temple of evil at the top of the Abbey ruins. So the party added another quest to their list and another member to the party.

The next day the re-provisioned party headed to the runied abbey. A quick scout of the Abbey walls showed a weak point in their defences. A hole headed up into overgrown forested part of the hill. Into the tangled forest, the party came across a party of Eldarin. A swift negotiation with the leader meant that they had more quests to complete, in particular to find out the fate of his sister who had gone missing in the Fey-Forest. Further along the path, the party discovered an abandoned woodcutter’s cottage. However it was now home to two owlbears and though the party initially tried to scare them off, a certain halfling sent in bolts of lightning that caused one of their toughest fights ever that they barely survived. After managing to sneak through an infestation of spiders (where Ander managed to redeem himself) the party headed deeper into the abbey…….



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