Infernal Eternium

Grove Concerns

Gardmore Abbey part 2

The party were still feeling the bruises after their close encounter with the Owl Bears. They made their way further into the Fey Gardens on the slope, following the paths up the steep hill. As they reached a tight bend, Mercalot heard female voices from a glade just off the path. The party boldly strode into the glade, disturbing a party of Nymphs that were bathing their feet and chatting. Declining the invitation to play a game, the party made a hasty (and brave) retreat. Nah they ran like scalded dogs!

A scream suddenly interrupted any discussions and the party ran up the path, to where a ruined bell-tower stood. Ahead of them they saw an Eladrin maiden being pursued by two displacer beasts. As the cats pounced, she fell to the ground not moving. The noise disturbed a small next of stirges from the ruins who flew down to feast on her blood. What would the party do?

Sir Oakly ran to the girl’s aid, using his powers and skills to keep her alive long enough for Rodemmar to dispatch the blood-sucking stirges. The rest of the party took on the displacer beasts, trying depserately to keep them distracted. It was a fierce and bloody battle, with the diosplacment playing havock with the party’s attacks. Eventually the heroes prevailed, just in time to save Analastra’s life. Escorting her back to her brother was quite straigh-forward and the Eladrin alloowed the party to rest and feast as a reward. Talking with the party, Her brother asked if they had discovered anything about Eladrin presence in this area. Initially reluctant, Mercalot revealed the book they had discovered and won even more favour for the party. Now they have to find the fate of Analastra’s father… What happened to him in the Abbey?

The party climbed the slope carefully the next morning and finally reached the summit. Seeing the state of the buildings, they went into the crumbling cathedral. Sir Oakley was anxious to discover the state of the temple of Bahamut but found it infested with Harpies and even more corrupted creatures! A ferocious fight ensued with a lot of tactics and powers blasting away. In the end the party just about defeated the vile monstrosities. However, what will they find in the cathedral and what will Sir Oakley do now????



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