Infernal Eternium

Dead By Dawn

The party returned to the town of Hammerfell, having rescued the dwarf prisoner but with the tragic loss of their Drow companion.

Once in the town they visit Kharas the Just, the renowned dwarven scholar about the strange card they had discovered. Kharas also had another strange visitor, a shardmind who introduced himself as Trigion. Kharas explained that the card they found was from the fabled Deck of Many Things. Kharas explained that this powerful artefact was last heard of in Guardmore abbey but that this was over 100 years ago and that the abbey was now an abandoned ruin. However he recommended to the party that they should travel there and see if any trace of the deck still remained.

Trigion also stated that he would like to travel with the party and aid them on their quest. He explained that he was interested in such things and would like to see what else could be discovered in the Abbey. Kharas also stated that he would buy any artefacts discovered at a generous price

After a few days of recovery and resupplying, the party headed to the village of Winterhaven that is situated close to the abandoned abbey. After several days of travelling the party neared an abandoned hut close to the road. Deciding to rest for the night, they are interrupted by two wounded men, asking for shelter. The men explained that they had been exploring ruins nearby when they were attacked by undead. Several of their party died but they managed to escape. During the night the party was attacked by several waves of undead whom they just managed to fight off.

The next day the party went to the ruins to discover what had been going on. The party discovered that the ruin had been converted into a temple of Orcus and as they explored the cellars they were attacked by undead. During the encounters it emerged that the previous party had taken a card of power from the temple, linked to the Deck of Many things. Beating the horrors in the cellars, the party headed back to the hut, to discover that the others had fled and they had rivals looking for the cards……



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