Infernal Eternium

Something stirring below...

Having defeated the occupants of the temple, Sir Oakley began the complex task of re-dedicating it back to the service of Bahamut. However the corruption of the past few centuries made this an impossible task and the Alter seemed more corrupt than anywhere else.
A quick search meant that a card of the deck was found hidden in the Alter stone. As the party looked round Mercalot found himself at the Alter of his god Kord. As he knelt in prayer, the power of his god filled him and his armour was infused with the blessings of his god, altering and powering it.
A depressed and defeated Sir Oakley called the party together and explained that the only thing that could make this right would be to bring together the three items of power. They were hidden somewhere in the abbey grounds and so the party resolved to find them. This meant going into the temple catacombs…
Down the old, crumbling stairs the party suddenly heard the sound of fighting. Entering the first chamber they found the remains of creatures, freshly slain. The party’s vision was obscured by a dark cloud in part of the room and as they got their bearings, a fire blast hit the front rank of Mercalot and Rodemmar. As they got their bearings they found themselves with the bodies but no sign of who attacked them or did the damage.
A search of the area found nothing of note but trying to chase after the strange other group meant that they went into the next chamber. However this was full of undead that immediately attacked and caused damage to the adventurers. There were some blazing skeletons but were these the ones that had previously attacked them and if so why had they gone back into the next room?
A difficult combat in restricted area ensued, that eventually led to victory. In the room was a font from which the pure water poured with the blessing of Bahamut. Drinking this allowed the party to all get benefits and partially heal. As the made their way (quite beaten) to the next room, Trigon and Ander both noticed a patch of wall that looked slightly discoloured. Further investigation and a portion of wall moved, bringing them into a secret area that allowed them to rest and gain back their powers. They also found three gems if value.
After the rest they went north, into the main catacomb. Here they stumbled onto a group of very evil creatures that were partaking in a rite of corruption. Vampires, Basilisk and a villain of power attacked on sight and tough combat that lasted ofr a long time and meant the party had to rely on their strategies and core powers to survive! Andar destroyed most of the vampires with one powerful blast, Rodemmar tackled the basilisk and Mercalot and Trigon battled valiantly with the villain and a powerful vampire that had the power to transform into a snake!
Eventually the party prevailed (though there were several near deaths). Investigating the villain’s corpse showed why he was so powerful and able to use so many different powers….. He had three cards from the deck of Many Things!!!! Searching the room the party also found a sword of power called Moonbane.
What would the rest of the catacombs hold????

Grove Concerns
Gardmore Abbey part 2

The party were still feeling the bruises after their close encounter with the Owl Bears. They made their way further into the Fey Gardens on the slope, following the paths up the steep hill. As they reached a tight bend, Mercalot heard female voices from a glade just off the path. The party boldly strode into the glade, disturbing a party of Nymphs that were bathing their feet and chatting. Declining the invitation to play a game, the party made a hasty (and brave) retreat. Nah they ran like scalded dogs!

A scream suddenly interrupted any discussions and the party ran up the path, to where a ruined bell-tower stood. Ahead of them they saw an Eladrin maiden being pursued by two displacer beasts. As the cats pounced, she fell to the ground not moving. The noise disturbed a small next of stirges from the ruins who flew down to feast on her blood. What would the party do?

Sir Oakly ran to the girl’s aid, using his powers and skills to keep her alive long enough for Rodemmar to dispatch the blood-sucking stirges. The rest of the party took on the displacer beasts, trying depserately to keep them distracted. It was a fierce and bloody battle, with the diosplacment playing havock with the party’s attacks. Eventually the heroes prevailed, just in time to save Analastra’s life. Escorting her back to her brother was quite straigh-forward and the Eladrin alloowed the party to rest and feast as a reward. Talking with the party, Her brother asked if they had discovered anything about Eladrin presence in this area. Initially reluctant, Mercalot revealed the book they had discovered and won even more favour for the party. Now they have to find the fate of Analastra’s father… What happened to him in the Abbey?

The party climbed the slope carefully the next morning and finally reached the summit. Seeing the state of the buildings, they went into the crumbling cathedral. Sir Oakley was anxious to discover the state of the temple of Bahamut but found it infested with Harpies and even more corrupted creatures! A ferocious fight ensued with a lot of tactics and powers blasting away. In the end the party just about defeated the vile monstrosities. However, what will they find in the cathedral and what will Sir Oakley do now????

Into the Abbey Wood

Mercalot – Shifter Paladin – Squire Phil

Rodamar – Wilden Battlemind – Sir Steve

Trigon – Shardmind Mage – Sir Animal

Ander – Halfling Sorceror – Sir Nick

The party continued their long journey to Winterhaven to find out more about the card they had found. After a visit to Fallcrest where they were able to investigate and train some of their skills (up to level 7), they rode along the King’s road.

About two days from journey end, the party came across a caravan under attack from an Orc ambush. With the usual bravado they charged to the rescue, with Mercalot challenging the obvious leader of the ambushers. It was a bloody fight, with the guards trying valiantly to defend the caravan against overwhelming odds. The arrival of the party swung the balance decidedly in their favour and soon orc bodies were strewn across the road. However two orcs managed to run away, would this cause future problems?

Escorting the caravan into Winterhaven allowed the party easy access and the trust of the town guards. They were shown to the tower of the sage,Valthrun the Prescient, who invited them in once he was made aware of their quest. He gave them more information of Guardmore Abbey and recommended they made their intentions clear to Lord Padraig. They then visited the manor house where the Lord gave them a quest to investigate the orc infestation of the Abbey ruins. Back in the inn they met Sir Oakley, an old paladin of Bahamut, who claimed to be descended from the lords of Guardmore. He wants to clear the temple of evil at the top of the Abbey ruins. So the party added another quest to their list and another member to the party.

The next day the re-provisioned party headed to the runied abbey. A quick scout of the Abbey walls showed a weak point in their defences. A hole headed up into overgrown forested part of the hill. Into the tangled forest, the party came across a party of Eldarin. A swift negotiation with the leader meant that they had more quests to complete, in particular to find out the fate of his sister who had gone missing in the Fey-Forest. Further along the path, the party discovered an abandoned woodcutter’s cottage. However it was now home to two owlbears and though the party initially tried to scare them off, a certain halfling sent in bolts of lightning that caused one of their toughest fights ever that they barely survived. After managing to sneak through an infestation of spiders (where Ander managed to redeem himself) the party headed deeper into the abbey…….

Dead By Dawn

The party returned to the town of Hammerfell, having rescued the dwarf prisoner but with the tragic loss of their Drow companion.

Once in the town they visit Kharas the Just, the renowned dwarven scholar about the strange card they had discovered. Kharas also had another strange visitor, a shardmind who introduced himself as Trigion. Kharas explained that the card they found was from the fabled Deck of Many Things. Kharas explained that this powerful artefact was last heard of in Guardmore abbey but that this was over 100 years ago and that the abbey was now an abandoned ruin. However he recommended to the party that they should travel there and see if any trace of the deck still remained.

Trigion also stated that he would like to travel with the party and aid them on their quest. He explained that he was interested in such things and would like to see what else could be discovered in the Abbey. Kharas also stated that he would buy any artefacts discovered at a generous price

After a few days of recovery and resupplying, the party headed to the village of Winterhaven that is situated close to the abandoned abbey. After several days of travelling the party neared an abandoned hut close to the road. Deciding to rest for the night, they are interrupted by two wounded men, asking for shelter. The men explained that they had been exploring ruins nearby when they were attacked by undead. Several of their party died but they managed to escape. During the night the party was attacked by several waves of undead whom they just managed to fight off.

The next day the party went to the ruins to discover what had been going on. The party discovered that the ruin had been converted into a temple of Orcus and as they explored the cellars they were attacked by undead. During the encounters it emerged that the previous party had taken a card of power from the temple, linked to the Deck of Many things. Beating the horrors in the cellars, the party headed back to the hut, to discover that the others had fled and they had rivals looking for the cards……

The Story so Far....

The group met as they tried to scrape a living on the edges of civilisation in the Nentir Vale. They were hired to guard a warehouse and managed to beat off an attack by masked raiders. These same riders attacked the group as they escorted their caravan paymasters enroute to Hammerfell.

In Hammerfell, the group soon made themselves invaluable to the town leaders. They performed a number of tasks and completed a number of quests which helped to cement their reputation and finally gave them a sense of belonging. However each quest seemed to have a diabolic influence with the group fighting Duegar, Devils and Demons. During this time Aeolus (a Deva Invoker) fell in battle and was replaced by Ander (a halfling sorceror) who was rescued from a Duegar dungeon.

In the last adventure, gnolls were thwarted from bringing their demonic gods influence into the Crystal Mountains. During a titanic battle with a deranged dragon, the Drow rogue fell. However by the end, the remaining party were victorious with two strange additions to the party.

One was a Dire Wolf that seemed highly intelligent and happy to aid the party

The second was a playing card that gave strong waves of chaotic corruption and offered a strange power to the holder. What was going on………..

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